Dan Ransom's Sub-1lb Framed Pack

Dan Ransom's Sub-1lb Framed Pack

Take a look at this beautiful creation using custom Easton 7075 Aluminum Tubing and our 210d UHMWPE Gridstop!
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Maker: Dan Ransom

Run By: Dan

Located: Somewhere down south

Website: https://danransom.com/2021/01/ultralight-frame-backpack/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/danransomphoto/

What They Make: MYOG packs of incredible innovation and detail.

Mozet Products They Use: Woojin G-hook Gatekeepers, 210d UHMWPE Gridstop

About: Dan is a true inspiration to anyone who appreciates MYOG and Ultralight. Dan is a driver who has no problem doing what others do not. One of his more recent projects is a sub-1lb ultralight backpack, a feat only possible in the last couple of years. He is able to achieve this, in part, due to custom  Easton 7075 aluminum tubing he uses as a frame. Sized to match the Hyperlite Mountain Gear frame stays, his custom stays will shave 3.0 ounces off your pack weight. Better yet, he sells these stays on his website. If you are looking for pre-sized stays, check out the ones he sells!



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