Lead Times, Fulfillment & Shipping Information

+ Pricing Update


Last Updated: June 28th, 2023


* As of June 28th and probably through mid August, we are only offering Canada Post for shipping. Both Nich and I will be away on various vacations and my substitute fulfillment help is not as versed on everything. Shipping only Canada Post will make this process a lot easier for them and help improve accuracy. 


Lead Time - Every Weds/ Thurs

June 20 - Lead time may be a little longer from late June through to early August. Nich is going away to guide and so another person is going to come on to help out for that time. 


With the move to the new space, Nich from Basecamp Repairs is now packing my orders. He tends to pack on Weds & Thurs so expect your order to go out around then. Currently only packing once per week as my day work is keeping me quite busy.

Labels are printed on Tuesday and sometimes Wednesday so try and get your order in by then to have it go out that week. 


Express / Expedited Packing

If you really need something quick, let me know before ordering and I will see if Nich or I have the capacity to fulfill an order outside of our normal packing times. No guarantees but sometimes we are able to help out. 


Local Pickup

I am excited to say that I am offering local pickup again! I have partnered with a local outdoor consignment store, Grove Outdoors, who will have a pick-up box available at their store. When you get the notification that your order is ready for pickup, head down there and grab your order!


Order Error - Missing items or wrong qty

As I transition to having other people pack for me, it is inevitable that mistakes will occur. If your orders looks off, shoot me an email and I'll see what we can do. 


Shipping Reminder

Anything Canada Post Small Packets - whether it's USA or International, Air or Surface do NOT include tracking numbers. This is Canada's way of staying competitive with USPS rates. With most of everything tracked nowadays, people expect tracking. I get it, I like tracking too. 

 * As of January 4th, 2023 - I am ceasing shipping with UPS. I love UPS but the local store cut me down to 4 packages per drop-off which kills me. Other 3rd party drop-offs are too far out and I'm finding that orders sit at home too long before I can get out to a drop-off spot. Canada Post Tracked Packet is a good alternative.

* As of December, 2022 - I no longer offer Small Packets options to the US. All shipments there are now tracked. International shipments continue to have the option for untracked, Small Packets shipping. Lost or late shipments will not be replaced if you choose a shipment without tracking. 


Lettermail - Canada Only

I am trialing offering lettermail for orders under 100g. Lettermail saves you $5-$15 depending on your location in Canada but does not come with a tracking number nor insurance. 

If you choose to ship via lettermail and your letter never shows up, there will be no refunds or reships. If it bounces due to an error by us, we will reship again as lettermail. 

* As of June 28th, I am halting this option. My fulfillment help is changing through July and early August and to make it easier, I am only doing Canada Post for this time - no lettermail. 


Fabric Orders

Fabric has been pulled from the site for now but I hope to add it back up for April, 2023 or around then.


Price Differences Between mozetsupplies.ca and Etsy

Mozet Supplies currently has two main sales channels. Etsy is how Mozet Supplies started and its platform was instrumental in helping the store grow and connect with other makers. Etsy is a great platform but it does charge a lot for fees. On Etsy, about 50% of my revenue goes into paying Etsy fees and shipping. Taking this into account, I typically have higher priced items on Etsy. This helps me continue to make money while also reaching out to makers that my marketing can't get to. 


Pricing Update - May, 2023

I am removing bulk quantity discounts and am instead pricing all Wetool hardware at/ around my previous 50+ rate, or the 50+ rate of my competitors. With most people ordering at my 10+ or 20+ rates, this is a discount for you moving forward.

Mozet Supplies is about making high quality supplies accessible to all sizes of makers. This pricing move will allow me to provide the absolute best rates around and help move any stock that is sitting.

If this test goes over well, I might do the same with my Woojin stock.

100+ "wholesale" pricing will still be available to those ordering bulk of something.


Taxes/ Import/ Customs

Heading into 2023, Canadians will be charged GST/ HST on their orders - whichever their province uses. Those receiving their order within BC will get PST & GST. 

International shipments are not affected and will continue to be charged no taxes. Please note that depending on your country's tax and trade policies, you may be charged import taxes, customs, or other fees. These are your responsibility to pay.