Fabric Graveyard

The following fabric you see below were part of previous group buys, have been discontinued, or were a limited run in the first place. The Challenge Sailcloth fabrics and the colour gridstop were a part of group buys I hosted in an attempt to make certain types of fabric more available at times when other suppliers were not carrying them.

By bringing in variety, I helped people like you get access to a wide range of fabric with no factory minimums. The downside is this variety is not sustainable for the size of my current operation and therefore not stuff I can carry long term.

Fabric from this list that could be restocked in the future:

Select Challenge Sailcloth varieties

Fabric that will probably not be restocked:

210d Gridstop Fabric
210d Gridstop Fabric - Nylon 6.6
420d Ripstop Nylon Fabric - Bluesign Approved

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