The MYOG/ maker's community is (explain purpose of this page/ these blogs)





Mozet Supplies believes that these people and businesses (we want to spotlight some of these people because they inspire us)



We have created these blogs to help spotlight some of these exceptional creators. 


Makers - Focus is on small businesses, new creators, pattern makers, friends doing good to make this community more accessible. 

Artist's Corner - This focuses on those who have contributed behind the scenes to the graphics and art that has been used for Mozet Supplies. This includes the logo we use + the stickers we put into orders. The content highlights what they have created for us as well as who they are and what they do when they aren't making great stuff for us!


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The Mission

Mozet Supplies has a goal of making high quality sewing supplies more accessible to creators, makers, and small businesses worldwide.


New Storage and Partner for Fulfillment

In early 2023, I moved my stock out from my bedroom and into a space I am sharing with two other makers/ repairers. I am beyond excited that this opportunity has come about and I am grateful of these businesses - Basecamp Repairs, and Salt Legacy, for inviting me into their space.

As part of this arrangement, Nich from Basecamp Repairs will be assisting me with fulfilling orders. This help will take a load off of my back and help me to better balance my day work / this work / exercise / social life / etc...

Current do-it-all

Koben Meausette

I, Koben (he/him), am the owner of Mozet Supplies. I enjoy geeking out about sewing, supplies, and the active outdoors. Having sewn and sold my own products, I understand the need for quality supplies, available to small makers at an affordable price.