WeTool Group Buy - Early March 2022

WeTool Group Buy - Early March 2022

Join in on the WeTool Group Buy! The group buy will commence early March, 2022 and feature a selection of popular WeTool hardware. Set up like the BagBuff Group Buys, this buy could help you get some of the best quality aluminum hardware for an incredible price.
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 What: WeTool Group Buy

When: Early March - Likely around the 11th. Probably starting a tad before and going a tad after.

Lead Time: 30 days for the factory, 3-7 days to us, then whatever you have paid for shipping to you.

Colour: Black only

Selection: Will depend on the interest we receive in the form below. Wetool MOQ is 300-500 pcs. 

WeTool Catalogue: https://www.welovetool.com/products

Pricing: One price for everyone, the best price for everyone. No needing to buy 100 pieces to get the best discount. We don't usually do this but having read feedback from the Bag Buff group buys, it sounds like an option that might go over well.

Shipping: Shipping is available through the site at the time of purchase. If you are unsatisfied with the cost of shipping to you, use the code: INVOICESHIP at checkout and we will invoice you the cost of shipping from a different account. This shipping will almost always be UPS. It can save you if you live outside of North America or are ordering a lot of stuff. The downside is it takes longer for me to fulfill orders as we need to manually create shipping labels. Your order will ship after the others. Once we bill you, there is an expectation you will pay. We don't offer choices, just the cheapest we can go.

Typically, the cheapest shipping outside of North America starts at $44.60CAD. 

Has Mozet Supplies run group buys before? Yes! We have run 4 group buys thus far. Our past group buys include: A colour 210d uhmwpe gridstop buy, a YKK zipper buy, a PU coated molded tooth zipper buy, and a Woojin hardware buy.

Terms/ Things to Know: Delays can happen and often we can't control them. If something comes up, we do our best to communicate it so everyone knows. Once your order is in, it's in. No refunds during the process or once you receive things. These buys only happen when everyone pitches in and so we don't have the extra capital for spontaneous refunds.

Contact: As always, feel free to contact us at mozetdesigns@gmail.com or on Instagram if you want to chat.

Use this form to have your say in what we bring in: https://forms.gle/ongpPdJBQ5C16Wqp9

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