Orange Cat Packs - Bags Made With Help From a Cat

Orange Cat Packs - Bags Made With Help From a Cat

Learn a little about Maya and Helo (cat) and the bags they have been making!
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Maker: Orange Cat Packs

Run By: Maya (she/ her) and Helo (he/ him). Helo is a cat. Maya appears to be a human. 

Located: Hamilton, ON



What They Make: Mostly custom bike bags although starting to see more stuff popping up. Take the sling in the picture for example. 

Mozet Products They Use: YKK Aquaguard #5 zipper, Woojin hardware (peep that buddy lion SRB) on the sling), 210d UHMWPE Gridstop

About: Maya Robertson and her namesake orange cat, Helo are the crew out of Hamilton making custom bike bags and more. They have been making bags together for over a year and are slowly growing their business.

Maya has also been involved in a series of posts on Instagram and Reddit where she dives into some research she has been doing around waterproof materials and the best ways to weatherproof seams. Her research reminds me of Backpacking Light days of old when people would dive down the rabbit hole together, searching for solutions to common MYOG problems. Her posts are worth checking out and can be found through her Reddit username: u/orangecatpacks.




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