Wit Slingers - Making custom frame bags for bike lovers!

Wit Slingers - Not Just Bike Bags

Meet Wit Slingers, a brand out of Germany making custom bike bags and more!
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Maker: Wit Slingers

Run By: Tijmen

Located: Leipzig, Germany

Website: N/A

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/witslingers/

What They Make: High Quality bike bags, totes, and accessories

Mozet Products They Use: YKK Aquaguard #5 zipper, Paskal PU Coated Molded Tooth Zipper, Woojin Hybrid Aluminum G-hooks, G-hook Cams, and Cam SRBs.

About: Tijmen is an Industrial Design graduate who is turning his bag making hobby into a full time job. When he first got interested in bikepacking, he set out to create a set of bags for his own use. As more and more friends and even friends of friends started asking for bags he decided to up his game. 8 months ago he bought an industrial sewing machine and and now he's looking for a workshop as his business outgrows his bedroom. As he has been scaling, the Mozet Supplies webshop has been invaluable because it enables him to buy materials that are not readily available to small makers, helping him bring his bags to a professional market. 

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