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Paskal Zippers and Fasteners

Learn about Paskal off-set zippers and what they are used for!
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What is Paskal? 

Paskal Zippers and Fasteners was founded in 1978 and is a world-leader in the design, development and manufacturing of high quality and innovative fastening solutions. Paskal creates a large variety of zipper and fastening systems but is very strict about quality. Mozet Supplies chose to work with them not only because they are trusted by one of the leading bike bad manufacturers, Revelate Designs, but also because all their zippers comply fully with ISO-9001, ASTM, DIN, BIS, AS and Japanese & French standards in all aspects of production. 

Revelate Designs uses these? 

Yes! In fact, all of Revelate Designs frame bags are made using the same PU Coated Molded Tooth zipper that we carry on our website. This video tells a little about their thoughts on the zipper! 

Who else uses these?

Mozet Supplies has offered two group buys for this zipper and largely supplies small makers and bike bag brands. We have seen a number of makers begin using this zipper with a few making a complete switch away from options like #8 YKK Aquaguard. The notable companies that have made this switch are Wit Slingers, out of Germany, and Terra Rosa Gear, out of Australia. Other makers that have started using this zipper is Gurp Stitchwork, Orange Cat Packs, and La Chaudiere. With the more recent group buy only just ending, we expect many more will make the switch in the coming year!

Which Paskal zippers does Mozet Supplies carry? 

Mozet Supplies carries the PU Coated Molded Tooth, SLOCK zipper in both a #8 and #10 size. This zipper is different than other brands as it features off-set teeth. When standard injected zippers or coil zippers are zipped up there is a gap between the elements (teeth) that allow splashing water to penetrate in. With Pakal’s off-set teeth, this gap is eliminated, making these zippers very water resistant even before the PU coating is applied to the tape. 


In addition to being very water-resistant, these molded tooth zippers are also great against dust and mud. Where coil zippers are prone to collecting mud and dust over time, these plastic tooth zippers do a much better job at holding up. These teeth are easier to clean and maintain, making them the ideal choice for bags that will see long trips and be exposed to all elements. 


These zips are largely used in the boating industry to create near waterproof entries in boat covers. Paskal has an excellent video that goes into a little about these zips from the perspective of a different industry. 

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