WeTOOL Aluminum Hardware

WeTOOL Aluminum Hardware

Learn about what WeTOOL is and how they became popular!
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What is WeTOOL? 

WeTOOL is a brand that is making some of the world’s highest quality aluminum hardware. Located out of Vietnam, WeTOOL designs and manufactures aluminum hardware for outdoor gear such as backpacks, packs, bags, and more! Their slogan, “Precision is our quality,” tells us that quality is the utmost important thing about their brand and products. 


Why did WeTOOL become popular among MYOG enthusiasts? 

WeTOOL became popular among those making their own gear and growing their small businesses because they not only created what the industry was looking for, but they also accepted lower minimum order quantities (MOQs) in comparison to their competition. Their selection of hook hardware styles, following the growing market trend, spurred interest in makers and the introduction of group buys soon allowed small makers to sample and test these buckles without the worry of meeting order minimums. 


In 2019/ 2020, Stephen Jones of Bag Buff created a group buy that sought to enable smaller makers and creators access to these buckles. While WeTOOL has always been good about providing sample packs to makers of all sizes, this group buy let some of those makers order without the worry of meeting the already small MOQ. After bringing in the first run of buckles, Stephen proceeded to carry and sell WeTOOL hardware until leaving the buckle world in 2021. 


Why is WeTOOL better than other aluminum hardware brands?

WeTOOL works incredibly hard to connect with their users. Feedback from brands is crucial and WeTOOL listens intently and will re-design or create brand new designs based on what the market is looking for. it is evident that WeTOOL listens and the outdoor community thanks them for it. While other aluminum hardware brands create similar products, WeTOOLs focus on community engagement and dedication to R&D puts them far ahead of the others. 


When did Mozet Supplies start carrying WeTOOL? 

Mozet Supplies began receiving requests to bring in WeTOOL soon after Stephen Jones/ Bag Buff left the buckle scene. In response to these requests, a group buy was created in the spring of 2022 with the goal of accommodating those makers who wanted to use WeTOOL in their products. 


We at Mozet Supplies, believe strongly in making high quality sewing supplies more accessible to those making their own gear and growing their small businesses. When offering the group buy, a decision was made to keep our prices as low as possible to help increase the number of people who were able to get involved. The group buy completed in early June, 2022, successfully helping 30+ people and businesses get access to these high quality products. 


We now carries 27 WeTOOL styles with sizes ranging between 10mm and 38mm. The most popular is our gated hooks and mini clips. Click here to view our selection!

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